David Ross addresses Kris Bryant some of the latest rumors

Chicago Cubs director David Ross dealt with the trade rumors surrounding third baseman Kris Bryant on Thursday while talking with reporters.

Together with the Chicago Cubs Convention this weekend, Cubs’ director David Ross assembled with reporters to go over the group’s upcoming year.

There wasn’t any larger issue for Ross to tackle in relation to the near future of third baseman Kris Bryant. Bryant was at the center of the Cubs’ off-season strategies contemplating the impending ruling on his own grievance within his Major League Baseball agency period and the trade rumors that have followed closely during the winter.

The Cubs have apparently been awaiting 2 shoes to fall about a possible exchange of Bryant. The first being for its next baseman marketplace to come up with and the next being the judgment on if Bryant is under staff control for an additional season or two seasons.

Following free-agent third baseman Josh Donaldson signed with the Minnesota Twins earlier this week, the attention changed to Bryant and Colorado Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado as equally third basemen could possibly be available via commerce.

Ross, however, doesn’t picture that the Cubs trading Bryant. This was what Ross had to say while talking using a group of colleagues that comprised Jordan Bastian of MLB.com.

“Together with how matters stand right now coming into camp, KB’s on the roster,” Ross stated at. “I expect him to be there. I believe that the fans need to expect him to be there. This can be an exciting time to become a Cubs supervisor. There is a good deal of talent. There is no ceiling for this particular group.”

There was nothing else that Ross might have stated. Kris Bryant is a present member of the Chicago Cubs’ roster. So long as Bryant is about the Cubs’ roster, the anticipation is that the third baseman is going to probably be with the group when they start Spring Training .

On the eve of the conference, Ross isn’t likely to acknowledge that there could be a strong possibility that Bryant doesn’t begin the season with the Cubs. Particularly once you think about that Bryant has been declared to look at this weekend’s festivities.

Ross’ remarks and Bryant’s scheduled appearance, but failed to stop trade rumors from rebuilding on Thursday.

While performing a radio hit by The Waddle and Silvy Show on ESPN 1000 this day, Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago reported the Atlanta Braves have re-engaged in Bryant trade talks with the Cubs.

The Braves have consistently made the most sense for the Cubs in the event they chose to exchange Bryant. That opinion holds true particularly today after Donaldson signed with the Twins. Before this Donaldson signing, the Braves had the anticipation of re-signing the veteran third baseman. The Braves have a gap in the third base position and Bryant can create the most sense.

The Braves have various Major League-ready pitchers and position players who would suit the Cubs’ steep asking price for Bryant. Actually, previous reports from this off-season would imply that the Cubs would rather exchange Bryant into Braves. The Cubs allegedly have their attention Ian Anderson, Austin Riley, Drew Waters, and Kyle Wright.

We’ll most likely have a response to Bryant’s future over another month. The next foundation marketplace has developed and also the grievance ruling is expected shortly. Following the judgment is finalized, the Cubs can also finalize a commerce of Bryant into the Braves. Meaning, if Bryant takes the point in the Cubs’ tradition that weekend, it might very well be the final time that he dons a Cubs’ jersey.

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